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Woman with a scar from a c-section

Minimize the Appearance of Scars, Wounds and Burns

Scarring can occur anytime the skin is compromised such as with an injury, burn or surgery. The healing process is individualized, so as the formation of the scar. Moreover, the scaring on different parts of the body in the same individual can vary. Whether the healing process of compromised skin will end up with an unnoticeable or noticeable scar, keloid or a hypertrophic scar, there are many variables that lead to the final result including the part of the body, pigmentation, depth, type of injury, movement of the body part, and time to heal. Dr. Shteynberg has seen many variations of healing during his training at Long Island Plastic Surgery Group in plastic and reconstructive surgery and working with difficult wounds and burns. His extensive affiliations with various hospitals throughout NYC allow him to see and treat a wide variety of scars, wounds and burns firsthand.

At Vantage Plastic Surgery, you will find yourself in the experienced hands of a surgeon who is an expert in wound and burn care, whether it is a minor acute injury or more complex with tissue loss, which requires an operating room.

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