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The facial skin changes with aging, resulting in lost elasticity from the neck to the hairline on the forehead. While facelifts focus on the lower face and neck, they do not address one of the most impressive areas of the face – the brow. Aging on the brow/forehead can result in worry lines, frown lines, drooping eyebrows and lateral hooding of the upper eyelids.

Brow lift surgery is used to remove excess skin from the forehead while tightening and elevating the brow. A less invasive option than the traditional brow lift is the endoscopic version, which offers these benefits.

Smaller, Discreet Incisions

The traditional brow lift uses long incisions either above the hairline or within creases on the forehead to remove and tighten excess skin and tissue. Endoscopic brow lift uses small incisions above the hairline, which are less visible and result in less scarring after the procedure.

Minimal Tissue Disruption

The specialized camera, light and small tools used in an endoscopic procedure are less likely to damage surrounding tissues. This reduces risks of nerve, muscle or tendon damage that can affect the expressions of the face.

Reduced Post-Surgery Pain and Discomfort

The smaller incisions and less invasive techniques result in less trauma to the forehead. Patients tend to have less swelling, bruising or pain after an endoscopic brow lift versus a traditional lifting procedure. Smaller incisions can also reduce risks of complications like infection.

Shorter Recovery Time

The minimally invasive method of endoscopic brow lift surgery allows patients to recover quicker and heal faster from their procedure. Patients are able to return to their normal activities faster and enjoy their new look.

Natural Results

Endoscopic brow lift can provide similar results as the traditional brow lift. Removing excess skin and tightening the brow can resolve worry or frown lines that make the face look older and angry. The elevation of the eyebrows can help reduce hooding of the upper eyelids and rejuvenate the brow appearance with natural appearing results.

If your brow is sagging and showing your age, consider the benefits of a brow lift to refresh your eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Vantage Plastic Surgery offers the endoscopic brow lift as a discreet, less invasive option for our patients. Call our clinic in UES NYC or Brooklyn, NY to schedule a brow lift consultation.

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