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As the skin ages, it loses volume and elasticity. The midface is one of the most common places to notice the effects of aging, including deepening smile lines and loss of volume in the cheeks. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be a non-invasive way to restore volume to the skin and tissue in the midface, smoothing nasolabial folds and contouring the cheeks. Restylane® injections like Defyne™, Lyft™ and Refyne™ offer beautiful options for midface rejuvenation, which we offer at Vantage Plastic Surgery in NYC.

Restylane-L® offers different formulas of hyaluronic acid that can treat different volume loss issues on the face and hands. Denser formulas are better for deep tissue while filler used closer to the skin’s surface needs to be more flexible. Three products we offer by Restylane for cosmetic injections include Defyne, Lyft and Refyne, each used for slightly different applications. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg and our aesthetic team can determine the best product for your needs.

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Defyne and Refyne for Smile Lines

The nasolabial folds, or smile lines around the nose and mouth, are common signs of aging. The loss of elasticity and volume with aging can result in deeper lines or parenthesis around the mouth. Restylane Refyne is best for mild to moderate smile lines, allowing more flexibility for natural facial movement. Restylane Defyne is for moderate to severe nasolabial folds, a denser formula to provide the needed support for deeper lines. Defyne and Refyne can last up to 12 months before treatments need to be repeated.

Lyft for Cheek Contouring and Hand Rejuvenation

Restylane Lyft can provide volume for cheek augmentation to lift the midface for a more youthful appearance. Lyft has also been FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation, adding volume to the back of the hands to soften and provide a more youthful appearance. Treatments can last for six months or longer before they need to be repeated.

All of the Restylane-L products are designed to offer almost instant results with no downtime or recovery needed. Treatments can be performed about in 15-20 minutes at our clinics in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn. Contact us at Vantage Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation to learn more about Restylane and our other cosmetic treatments.

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