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There are not enough words to say thank you to Dr. Shteynberg, an amazing plastic surgeon, for all his professionalism, care, attention! He is really an amazing Doctor. I saw him due to the abdominoplasty. From the very beginning I stepped onto his office I knew that was the right place! His staff is so professional, so friendly, so caring! I am very thankful to all of them. Dr. Shteynberg clearly explained the procedure itself and what to expect after. He answered every question I asked! At the day of the surgery he was making me comfortable getting ready for the procedure. His bedside manner is incredible! Doctor Steynberg has done an amazing job on my surgery and recovery time. I highly recommend Dr Shteynberg to everyone who considers plastic surgery. Again, thank you so much Dr Shteynberg for everything you have done!

Valentina P.

My experience here has been absolutely amazing! From the moment I booked my surgery to recovery, Dr. Shteynberg has been nothing but wonderful. At first I had a lot of anxiety about surgery in general. He sat with me on two different appointments to explain the procedure and to make sure I felt comfortable about what to expect. I told him what I was unhappy with about my body and gave he a recommendation on what would be best for me. I got an abdominalplasty and liposuction 360. I trusted him and he didn’t disappoint! I’m and 7 weeks post surgery and I have never felt better about myself. I can not thank him enough for giving me my confidence back.

Melyssa G.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Shteynberg and the entire staff at Vantage! From the moment I emailed them inquiring about a particular procedure, they've been communicative, genial, attentive, and caring. Dr. Shteynberg himself is a gifted surgeon with an incomparable bedside manner and a true passion for his work, the results of which are genuinely life-changing. Patient, considerate, and endlessly kind, I will always be grateful to Dr. Shteynberg for his work and care throughout the entire surgical process, which begins well before anyone steps foot in the operating room. Since my surgery in May 2023, I've directed numerous friends, colleagues, and complete strangers to speak to Dr. Shteynberg and the team at Vantage, and I will continue to do so, happily.

Rachel K.

Dr. Shteynberg was absolutely amazing. He worked with me in and out of the hospital. He and his staff made everything really simple and made my recovery go very smoothly.

Rob L.

Dr. Shteynberg is the best. He took good care of me throughout my experience. I I feel/ look amazing and have no regrets on choosing him as my surgeon.

ShaDanye B.

I came to see Dr. Shteynberg for breast reconstructive surgery. He was extremely patient, helpful with an amazing bedside manner. I am very happy woth the outcome of the surgery. The staff is very nice and friendly. I highly recommend this doctor. .

Diane G.

Phenomenal doctor!!!! I would highly recommend Dr Shteynberg if your looking for a plastic surgeon. He takes out time to explain everything, never in a rush. When I walked in I was so nervous, he made me feel so comfortable and explained everything in detail. The incision is so fine you can barely see it, he did such an amazing job. This is the best decision I have ever made. I can't thank him enough.

Minal P.

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Dr. Alex, a highly skilled plastic surgeon located on Park Avenue in Manhattan. From the start, Dr. Alex displayed professionalism and expertise. He attentively listened to my concerns and desires, addressing every question with patience and clarity. He took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly, ensuring I had realistic expectations. One of my main concerns was the appearance of the scar after the tummy tuck. I am delighted to say that Dr. Alex's surgical precision has resulted in an incredibly refined scar. It's minimal, thin, and expertly placed, blending seamlessly with my skin. I couldn't be happier with how discreet and well-healed the scar is! Another aspect that impressed me is how natural my belly button looks post-surgery. Dr. Alex's meticulous attention to detail has created an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical belly button that truly enhances the overall appearance of my abdomen. It looks completely natural, as if it has always been this way. Beyond his exceptional surgical skills, Dr. Alex's caring nature and genuine compassion made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. He truly cares about his patients' well-being and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Furthermore, Dr. Alex's pricing is reasonable for the Manhattan area, offering excellent value for the exceptional results he delivers. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Alex to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon. His expertise, attention to detail, and remarkable ability to create refined scars and natural-looking belly buttons are truly impressive. Thank you, Dr. Alex, for your outstanding care and remarkable results.

Guljahon F.

10 stars!!!!! Phenomenal Doctor & staff. I went in for incisional hernia repair & tummy tuck & came out better than what I expected. Words can not describe how grateful I am for my results. You can barely see the scar. Dr. Shteynberg is patient, friendly, professional & extraordinary intelligent Doctor. I will definitely recommend him. Thank You Dr. Shteynberg

Jessica R.

I was treated by Dr. Shteynberg for a dog bite to the face and hand. I was bitten on 11/17 in the evening hours at my job (I work in veterinary medicine), and taken to a hospital where I was diagnosed with a superficial lip avulsion and referred to a plastic surgeon. Over night, the bite wound to my finger began to swell and had become incredibly erythemic and painful. I spoke to Barbara the following morning and they cleared the schedule to make room for my procedure. The bedside manner at this office from every staff member has been incredible. They are all lovely, sweet, and patient. I couldn’t bare to look at my face because what I saw was so jarring, and the reassurance Dr. Shteynberg provided at the time of the procedure helped calm me greatly. He explained everything in a clear, concise manner that made after care smooth. In just two weeks, both wounds have made great progress. He placed a drain in my finger, which completely cleared the infection, and stitched my lip. Everyone here paved the road to my recovery, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!

Fallon B.

Dr. Shteynberg did my breast reconstruction, it was done perfectly, it is even hard to tell that I had breast reconstructed. My brand new breasts are sitting higher, and they look and feel great. My overall experience from start to finish was amazing, smooth, and I was put at ease by Dr. Shteynberg. Dr. Shteynberg did an amazing, excellent job and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs breast work done.

Cheryl B.

Dr.Shteynberg and his team did a wonderful job before , during and after my surgery . I did a slight breast reduction and also removed painful lumps I had . He lifted my breast as well as doing the reduction and I’m very happy with my results . I’m only 4 weeks post op but my recovery has been smooth especially since I can contact him or his team easily with the MyChart app if I have any concerns . He made sure to inform me as much as he could about the process and did a very well job .

Katelann S.

Dr. Shteynberg Has changed my life since he performed my abdominal muscle repair, hernia and Tummy tuck. He took the time to explain everything I needed and why I needed it, he made me feel so comfortable that I booked my procedure the next day after my consultation with him. After contemplating going to a foreign country to do this he gave me reassures and confidence that I needed to do this procedures and I can only trust him to do it. Thank you for caring about me like if I was family you and your team have the greatest bedside manners. From the front desk to his assistant you get the same quality care you need. Barbara is sure to move every pice of the puzzle needed to make sure you are well taken care after you made this decision. If you are looking for a trustworthy plastic surgeon Dr. Shteynberg Should be your one and only choice! Thank you for giving me my body back!

Wendy R.

Dr. Shteynberg is an amazing surgeon. My entire right breats was removed and replaced with an implant, my left breast was reduced to match the implant size about a 38c/d and its perfect. I love my new breast, I love the fact that i no lobger have to wear a bra if I dont want to, I haven't been able to do that since teengae years. i wish him all the best. he is a great surgeon and you will not be disappointed.

Aretta H.

I'm a patient of Dr. Shteynberg and am very happy with my results of my eyelid surgery. I feel younger, my eyes are more opened. The procedure was painless, and the recovery time was easy. I was ready to fully go back into work within one week. The office service is outstanding, and very clean. The doctor made me feel comfortable, and at ease. He was easy to talk, understandable, addresses the questions directly and professionally. I recommend him to everybody! Thank you Dr. Shteynberg!

Tamara K.

I had an incident, and my pinky finger broke, and my nail pulled completely off, Dr Shteynberg took me in on his day off and did a great job. I was in NY for vacation - originally from Miami. Now I have a normal finger and a normal growing nail. Could not be more thankful for how my finger looks now, I was very terrified that I would not have it normal looking ever again . Thank you Doctor.

Nadejda D.

I contracted the doctor after doing consults with two other doctors. Dr. Shteynberg was best choice I could’ve ever made. He’s so compassionate, super talented, caring, and attentive. His employees are super kind. I had breast augmentation revision and abdominal liposuction. I’m still healing but everything already looks really fantastic. He’s the best!!

Denise C.

I had a breast reduction with Dr Shteynberg. Dr made me feel very comfortable and safe during preparation process, he and his team was attentive and explained everything I needed to know and was very professional. My results are better than I expected. I feel like I had a life changing experience. Thank you for making me feel great.

Saida N.

I have struggled with my gynecomastia all my life: with my body image, confidence, socially, etc. When I reached out to Dr. Shteynberg, he reassured me with the entire procedure and made everything very clear and straightforward. Him and his team made me feel very comfortable the day of procedure. Now, after the surgery, I can say that I had an amazing experience and was surprised by my results; I couldn’t have imagined anything better. The recovery process was fairly quick and simple to follow, and I experienced very little to no pain post-op. My gratitude is beyond measure, it is something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I couldn’t be any more happier. Thank you.

Alberto L.

Dr. Shteynberg did a cosmetic repair for me and it looks amazing just a few weeks after. He has good bedside manner and is easy to talk to. He explains everything to you. I would highly recommend him! His medical assistant was also very friendly and professional.

Carolyn C.

My wife and I were so impressed by the helpfulness of Yelena when we initially called to make an appointment. When we arrived we found everyone in the office very friendly and courteous. I was, and am, particularly impressed and grateful for the quality of care and attention shown to me by Dr. Shteynberg. The surgery was terrific (so much so that at the original site on the left there is hardly a trace.) We have only praise for the entire experience. Thank you, Dr Shteynberg!

Greg P.

I recently fractured my hand and went to Dr. Shteynberg to surgically repair it. I could not be happier with the results and Dr. Shteynberg. He listens and addresses every concern, and question in the best ways possible. He is an excellent surgeon and I have had a better outcome and result than a relative who had the same surgery performed by another doctor recently. He is the best!

Michael M.

I am a breast cancer survivor, and had mastectomy. Dr. Shteynberg has performed breast reconstruction using expander and implant. I feel good and complete now, I feel like I have a normal breast. I am a 100 % satisfied. I have never thought it would look so good, even and symmetric. I recommend this doctor to anyone who needs a breast job done very well.

Yvette C.

Before I met Dr Shteynberg I was in oblivion…he sat me down and explained everything to me. He was patient and give clarity to all my questions. He gave me options and didn’t force anything on me..he gives me understanding and that made it all easier…On the morning of surgery I asked him can we pray and he took my hands and prayed without hesitation…After my surgery he ensured that I was well cared for and I am very happy with my results….I have no reservations in recommending him…

Fiona M.

Dr. Shteynberg did a breast reconstruction on my right breast and it was done very well. I am very pleased with the surgical results. I am so thankful for the new look that I got and I am extremely happy I had Dr. Shteynberg as my surgeon.

Hafiza B.

Dr. Shteynberg, is a consummate professional. The patient's success is his priority. The diligence, expertise and knowledge he brings to bare on his work is phenomenal. Patients can be comfortable under his care, knowing that their wellness and restoration, are the hallmark of his work. He continues to be an asset to any organization that seeks out his service. And I unhesitatingly recommend him as an excellent plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery needs.

Trevor B.

I'm extremely thankful to Dr Shteynberg and his staff at Kings County for the great outcome of my reconstructive surgery. Dealing with a life changing diagnosis could be depressing. However, 5mths after major surgery I am very pleased with my outcome. He was very professional and easy to talk to. He listened and took time to answer my questions so I could make the right decisions from the options he provided. I highly recommend Dr Shteynberg to anyone dealing with breast cancer and wants to do a Tram Flap procedure.

Deby W.

From the beginning the doctor had been very attentive, I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. My before pictures and after pictures, Day and night. I would recommend Dr. Shteynberg 100 percent.

Yudie P.

Dr shteynberg saw my 5 year old son and stitched up his lip after a scooter accident. He did a great job and handled my son who was extremely scared really well. He was very responsive and met us at an er to take care of him quickly. He went above and beyond helping us and highly recommend him.

Pauline S.

Dr. Shteynberg did an excellent job with the several operations I saw him for. He is a diligent and knowledgeable expert in his field. Dr. Shteynberg's interest in the patient's aftercare is unlike anything I have encountered. Not only does he provide detailed, personalized instructions immediately after the procedure, but also takes the initiative to check in during the recovery period that follows. I recommend Dr. Shteynberg unreservedly.

Gregory U.

I had breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Shteynberg. I am happy with results. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I felt confidence, high level of professionalism and compassion while being under care of Dr. Shteynberg. Highly recommend my doctor to anyone in need of breast surgery.

Dianne M.
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