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How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Is that extra layer of fat beneath your chin making you look older and heavier? There are several natural ways to reduce a double chin or excess neck fat. However, some people find home remedies ineffective at losing… Continue reading

Freshen Your Look with Lip Augmentation

Your lips are one of the most immediately noticeable facial features. When speaking, smiling or laughing, other people are likely to focus on your mouth. Shapely lips that are proportionate to the face are considered most desirable, and… Continue reading

Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight and improving health are excellent accomplishments for which you can be proud. For some, however, a significant weight loss can leave behind excess skin that can not only limit you from enjoying your weight loss, but… Continue reading

Facial Reconstruction Surgery After Trauma

The popular view of plastic surgery is that it only involves cosmetic procedures. However, plastic surgery can offer hope and healing for those recovering from facial trauma. Trauma resulting from auto or sports accidents or from a physical… Continue reading

Change Your Shape with Liposuction

No matter how many hours you spend at the gym or what type of diet you stick to, you cannot change your body’s genetics. You may have a tiny waist, but still have thick thighs or “matronly” upper… Continue reading

Accentuate Your Curves with a BBL

The buttocks play a significant role in your shape. The right amount of fullness is important for a well-rounded behind; it also should be lifted and firm. Genetics, lifestyle, age and other factors all impact the shape of… Continue reading