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The chin plays an important role in balancing facial features. A small chin can detract from the symmetry of the face. The forehead and nose can appear larger and oversized when the chin is too small. Adding length or width to the chin can have a dramatic impact of the overall harmony of the face, achieving a more attractive appearance. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg is a top NYC plastic surgeon who offers chin implants surgery at Vantage Plastic Surgery in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Genetics, birth defects and traumatic injuries can affect the size and shape of the chin. Some people are born with a smaller chin – it may run in their family to have a recessed chin. Other people may have an injury or disorder that has affected the chin. Whatever the reason, there are cosmetic procedures to enhance the chin and increase its size. Dr. Shteynberg is a double board certified plastic surgeon who can determine the right procedure to balance the shape and size of the chin for an improved facial appearance. Dermal fillers can offer a temporary and small enhancement to the chin, or we offer chin implants for a permanent reshaping of the chin and jaw.

Jaw and Chin Augmentation

Chin implants are designed to be safely inserted under the tissue and skin to increase the size and change the shape of the chin and jaw. For those wanting a more masculine jaw, this can be a permanent solution to create an angular, square jaw that has a chiseled appearance. For others, chin implants can lengthen the lower face for a more oval or heart-shaped appearance that is feminine or balances the rest of the facial features. Dr. Shteynberg can show you a variety of different chin implants and how they can be used to change your chin, jaw and facial appearance.

Chin implant surgery can make a significant impact on your facial shape and the harmony of your facial features. To learn more about chin augmentation options, contact us at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Our team can schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Shteynberg to discuss chin implants surgery at one of our clinics in NYC.

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