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Most women have breasts that are slightly different on each side. The left breast may be a little smaller or the right breast may be a little fuller. These small variations are not usually obvious, but in some cases, breast asymmetry is more evident. If you have uneven breasts that are affecting your appearance, cosmetic breast surgery can be a solution. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, situated in the vibrant city of New York, we specialize in breast asymmetry correction surgery to help our patients achieve a more balanced and symmetrical breast appearance.

Concerns Arising from Asymmetric Breasts

Breast asymmetry can give rise to various concerns that extend beyond mere aesthetics. In intimate moments, the noticeable differences may affect one’s self-esteem. Additionally, bras may not fit correctly, posing challenges due to one breast being a different cup size than the other. Individuals who are self-conscious about their uneven breasts can find solace in plastic surgery, a transformative solution to correct asymmetry issues. Through cosmetic surgery, the shape and size of the breasts can be harmonized, resulting in a more symmetrical appearance.

Balancing Uneven Breasts with Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg

Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg, a distinguished double board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in breast plastic and reconstructive surgery. With years of experience in reshaping breasts using implants or natural tissue, Dr. Shteynberg is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their desired breast shape, size, and symmetry. When performing breast asymmetry correction surgery, a variety of techniques can be employed to create even and symmetrical breasts. Dr. Shteynberg prioritizes listening to each patient’s aesthetic concerns regarding breast shape, size, and symmetry, offering personalized solutions to address their unique needs.

During uneven breast correction, one or both breasts can be altered to achieve the desired effect. Some patients seize this opportunity to increase or decrease the size of both breasts, creating the desired volume. Others may opt to have only one breast altered to match the size and shape of the other. Dr. Shteynberg may recommend the use of implants or suggest a breast lift to achieve a natural and beautiful outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing Vantage Plastic Surgery for Breast Asymmetry Correction

If you’re considering breast asymmetry correction surgery in NYC, we invite you to experience the exceptional care at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shteynberg has earned a stellar reputation for creating stunning results in cosmetic breast surgery. To embark on the journey toward achieving balanced and harmonious breasts,  contact our office in Brooklyn or on the UES. Discover the possibilities for aesthetic enhancement and renewed confidence with the expertise of Dr. Shteynberg at Vantage Plastic Surgery.

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