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Do you have sagging skin on your upper eyelids that make you look tired? Are there dark circles or bags under your eyes? The delicate skin on the upper and lower eyelids changes as you get older, becoming thinner and looser. While excessive eyelid skin can only be removed with surgery, in the early stages, there are non-surgical options to rejuvenate the eyelids. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, our aesthetic team headed by Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg offers a non-surgical eye lift procedure at our clinics in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When you notice wrinkles forming on your upper eyelid or puffy bags under your eyes, the skin may be losing its elasticity. Collagen and elastin in the skin diminishes with age, resulting in thinner, looser skin. This is very noticeable around the eyes where the skin is already thinner and more delicate than other places on the face. Lost elasticity in the eyelid skin can make the upper eyelid look droopy, while the lower eyelid can have deeper tear troughs and accentuated eye bags. To rejuvenate the eyes, firming the skin on both eyelids can produce a more youthful and energetic appearance.

Treatment for Sagging Eyelids

There are a few non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can help firm the skin around the eyes and diminish lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Skin tightening with laser treatment targets the deeper layers of the dermis to stimulate collagen production. This treatment can result in firmer skin around the eyes, reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. Other treatments can also be included with a non-surgical eye lift, including Botox® injections to reduce crow’s feet and filler injections to reduce tear troughs, dark circles and eye bags.

Non-surgical eye lift procedures can be performed in one visit at Vantage Plastic Surgery with incredible results. Skin tightening treatments do require time and multiple sessions to achieve the desired results, but filler injections and Botox treatments can have quicker results. To learn more about the non-surgical options to rejuvenate the eyes, contact us to schedule an eyelid lift consultation.

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