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Osteomas are a bony, benign growth that can slowly increase in size on the bone, under the skin. The most common place for an osteoma to appear is on the forehead, which can cause cosmetic concerns for the individual. In some cases, osteomas can be painful, but rarely do they cause any health problems. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, we offer safe and effective osteoma removal with no visible scarring at our medical centers in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The cause of osteomas is not known, and many people live with their small forehead bumps without seeking treatment. However, when the lump becomes noticeable or causes discomfort, it is understandable to want this growth removed. The raised bump can be a distraction from your other facial features. The good news is that osteoma removal can be performed in a minimally-invasive, endoscopic procedure with only local anesthesia at Vantage Plastic Surgery.

Endoscopic Osteoma Surgery

Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg is a highly respected plastic surgeon with double board certifications. When performing any cosmetic surgery, Dr. Shteynberg seeks to use the least invasive and most discreet method possible. With osteoma removal, endoscopic techniques can be used for a smaller incision that is hidden above the hairline on the scalp. Dr. Shteynberg uses smaller surgical tools with an endoscope to reach the osteoma under the skin, and remove the bony growth without an incision on the forehead. Once the growth is removed, the skin on the forehead will retract to its flat position, leaving no evidence behind of the procedure.

Since osteoma removal can be performed with endoscopic techniques, it is minimally-invasive with minimal recovery and downtime needed. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in an office visit with only local anesthesia needed to numb the area. Some swelling and localized discomfort are normal, but recovery is quick for this procedure.

Osteomas are slow-growing, but they can continue to get larger over time. If you have an osteoma that is impacting your appearance or causing you discomfort, contact us at Vantage Plastic Surgery to learn more about osteoma removal. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg to discuss endoscopic osteoma removal surgery at one of our clinics in NYC.

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