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Feeling comfortable with your identity is crucial to overall confidence and well-being. If your sense of gender identity does not match with the sex assigned to you at birth, the emotions surrounding your physical appearance are much more complex and distressing.

In particular, the chest area is one of the most immediately noticeable gender identifiers. Transgender women opt for padded bras, artificial breasts or the risky practice of at-home silicone injections. Injecting your body with silicone creates complications such as deformity of the breast, pain and infections.

Ultimately, non-surgical cosmetic solutions provide a superficial resolution at best. While silicone injections may create a breast-like appearance even when unclothed, this practice comes with serious health risks and is not recommended by the FDA. Surgical breast augmentation provides a natural look and feel and is an affirming and liberating experience for many transgender women.

Breast augmentation for transgender women is remarkably similar to the procedure performed on cisgender women. However, transgender women tend to have broader chests, thicker pectoral muscles and smaller nipples that require careful positioning and sizing for any implant. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, we have the experience and expertise to craft a bust that appears natural, feminine and coherent to your body’s shape.

Chest Masculinization Surgery

Chest binding for transgender men compresses breast tissue and creates a flatter appearance. Although this can create a more flattering silhouette when fully dressed, the effect is only temporary. Consistent pressure on the upper torso leads to damaged blood vessels, skin irritation and back pain. Cosmetic surgery to remove breast tissue eliminates the need for chest binding and allows more freedom for activities like swimming and exercising.

Vantage Plastic Surgery provides a whole-patient approach to chest reduction surgery. A key goal for many transgender men is to achieve a masculine look with minimal scarring. Our precise surgical techniques and comprehensive aftercare program will help you feel at one with your post-surgical appearance.

Top surgery can be a liberating and affirming experience, and at Vantage Plastic Surgery, we are committed to supporting you on your journey. Contact our New York surgery center today to discuss your transitioning goals.

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