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Looking your best at every age is important for both your personal and professional life. If you are noticing signs of aging in your jawline, midface and under your chin, male facelift surgery may be the solution. Facelifts for men can restore a more youthful appearance to your face, keeping you looking and feeling your best. Vantage Plastic Surgery offers customized male facelifts at our medical centers in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Not all facelift surgery procedures are the same. Each patient is unique, as are their aesthetic concerns. Men considering facelift surgery often have different concerns than women, and the physical differences in the facial structure require specialized techniques. Men tend to have heavier, thicker skin and tissue that needs specialized care when lifting and elevating for a facelift. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg is a double board certified plastic surgeon who understands the nuances required for male facelift surgery. His expertise ensures that the necessary steps are taken to retain a masculine and chiseled jawline and lower face with a natural appearance.

Facial Rejuvenation for Men

The facelift is the gold standard of facial rejuvenation procedures. The traditional facelift uses incisions placed behind the ear and along the hairline to lift the skin and facial tissues in the lower face and neck. The goal is to remove any loose skin and elevate the skin and underlying muscle structure to a more youthful position, without stretching or creating a “fake” appearance. Dr. Shteynberg uses cutting-edge techniques that retain a natural look for his patients while still creating lasting facelift results.

A male facelift surgery can help you look 5, 10 or more years younger. The goal is to look like a younger version of yourself, tightening the jowls, jawline and under the chin. While the facelift is very effective on its own for facial rejuvenation, many patients will combine a neck lift, brow lift or eyelid lift to address other areas that may be showing signs of aging. Dr. Shteynberg offers several male anti-aging procedures at our clinics that can be completed in tandem with a facelift. Contact our office in NYC to schedule a male face lift consultation to learn more about the options available.

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