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Lip Lift

When lips are too thin or flat, they are not as enticing as fuller, well-shaped lips. Plump, rounded lips are considered sexy and youthful, which is why lip lifts and lip augmentation are popular cosmetic procedures. While lip volume can be enhanced without surgery with lip filler injections, changing the shape or lifting lengthened upper lips requires plastic surgery. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, we offer lip lift and lip enhancement surgery at our plastic surgery centers in NYC.

Rejuvenating Aging Lips

A lip lift is the solution for lips that have changed over the years due to aging. The lips are prone to lost elasticity in the delicate skin, which can result in lines, wrinkles and drooping skin. Aging also can result in fat loss in the lips, with lips becoming thinner and flatter with age. A lip lift procedure can increase the thickness of lips and shorten the length of the upper lip. Lip augmentation can also be performed with fat transfers to add volume to the lips.

Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has created beautiful lips for his patients. Lip lift surgery uses a small incision at the base of the nose to access the upper lip, removing any excess skin to shorten the length and lift the upper lip. Lip reshaping and augmentation can be combined with a lip lift to create fuller, more youthful lips that look and feel natural.

Lip Augmentation

People of all ages can desire fuller lips. While lip injections can give you temporary fullness for your lips, augmentation surgery can create long-lasting volume. Dr. Shteynberg is a fat transfer specialist who can use your own fat to create fuller, sexy lips. Our clinics in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn offer both lip filler injections and lip fat grafting for lip enhancement.

You deserve to have lips that give you confidence when you smile, pucker or smirk. If you are interested in learning more about lip lift or augmentation procedures at Vantage Plastic Surgery, contact us to book your lip consultation. Contact our office to schedule your appointment at either our Brooklyn or UES NYC locations.