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Keloids are a type of scar tissue that can grow excessively and cause malformations. While similar to the hypertrophic scar that is raised above the skin, keloid scars can grow outside the original wound border. The ears are a common place for keloids, often occurring from ear piercings, but these scars can occur anywhere on the body. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg at Vantage Plastic Surgery offers keloid removal surgery to remove scar tissue from ears or other areas at our medical center in NYC.

Keloids are scars that continue to create scar tissue even after a wound is healed. The excess tissue can become large and cumbersome, as there are cases of keloids on earlobes that are the size of a baseball or larger. Individuals with keloids can experience pain and discomfort, as well as cosmetic concerns due to the appearance of the skin growth.

Keloid scars can occur from any wound to the skin, even something as small as a piercing. Darker skinned individuals and those with a family history of keloids are at higher risk for these growths, but anyone can develop a keloid. While keloid removal surgery can remove the accumulated scar tissue, it does not stop the keloid from growing or coming back. For permanent keloid removal, a combination of treatment and plastic surgery may be required.

Keloid Treatment and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg is a highly respected plastic surgeon who offers keloid treatment and removal plastic surgery. This procedure is complex, as the surgery can increase the risk of another keloid forming. There are a variety of advanced keloid treatments that can help stop the production of scar tissue. When used together with plastic surgery to remove the existing keloid, there is a higher chance of success without reoccurrence. Dr. Shteynberg uses his surgical skill to carefully remove the keloid and restructure the skin to improve the cosmetic appearance.

If you have a keloid scar and want to explore treatment or removal, come see us at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Contact our office to schedule a keloid consultation with Dr. Shteynberg at our clinic in Brooklyn or UES Manhattan.

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