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The hands are crucial for completing so many tasks, from typing and texting to lifting, pulling and gripping to perform all types of activities. Hands are also an important aesthetic feature. They are adorned with jewelry and manicures to bring attention to their beauty. Aging, injuries and health conditions can impact both the function and cosmetic form of the hands. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, our double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg, offers advanced options in hand plastic surgery for both reconstruction and rejuvenation at our clinics in NYC.

Did you ever notice someone whose facial appearance is in dissonance with their hands? As a human face is changing with age, so are the hands. At Vantage Plastic Surgery, we perform non-surgical and surgical treatments of the hands for rejuvenation. Skin tightening and skin resurfacing laser treatments can be used to improve the skin appearance, remove brown spots and restore youthful-looking hands. We also offer filler injections that can add volume under the skin to smooth bony or veiny hands. If your hands are giving away your age or making you look older than you feel, come see us for a hand rejuvenation consultation to discuss the treatment options available.

Hand Repair for Improved Function

At Vantage Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide selection of hand reconstruction and repair surgeries at our medical centers in NYC. On top of hand rejuvenations, we also treat fractures of the tiny and intricate bones of the hand that are very important to restore normal hand function. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg can perform microsurgery to repair and treat injuries of tendons, nerves and blood vessels of the hands. When required, Dr. Shteynberg and our team can remove cysts and skin masses of the hands, forearms and arms. We perform carpal tunnel release and Dupuytren’s contracture release to restore better function of the hands.

The hands are vital for performing intricate tasks and also your overall appearance. If you have functional hand issues or want to learn more about cosmetic hand rejuvenation, contact us at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Please call our office to schedule a consultation with the expert in hand plastic surgery, Dr. Shteynberg. We offer clinics in UES Manhattan and Brooklyn for your convenience.

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