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Choosing to lose weight through bariatric surgery or any diet program can help you become healthier. Many people are able to lose 100 or more pounds and improve their health, mobility and shape. The problem is that even after the majority of the excess fat is gone, the stretched skin can be left behind. As part of our body contouring procedures at Vantage Plastic Surgery, Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg and our team offer a body lift after massive weight loss to reshape the torso, buttocks and thighs at our clinics in NYC.

Bariatric surgery or any type of weight loss plan that results in shedding an excessive amount of fat quickly can result in leftover skin. Quick weight loss combined with stretched skin that has lost its elasticity can result in hanging skin. The abdomen is a common area to gain weight, stretching the skin around the torso. The result can be hanging skin on the lower abdomen and around the back to the love handles, pressing down on the buttocks. A body lift after massive weight loss is designed to address this extra skin, fat and tissue to reshape the lower torso.

Remove Excess Skin and Tighten the Torso

A body lift after bariatric surgery or massive weight loss can have a tremendous impact on the body shape. The stretched, sagging skin can become prone to infections and painful rashes from friction and moisture. The hanging tissue can cause flat buttocks and sagging thighs, as well as a bulging lower abdomen and pelvic region. A truncal body lift removes the excess skin and fat, then lifts and tightens the skin and tissue. The result is a firmer stomach and loss of love handles on the lower back. The buttocks and thighs are lifted for an improved overall shape.

It is a significant achievement to lose a massive amount of weight by any method. The next step for many bariatric surgery patients or anyone who has lost excessive amounts of weight is to remove the stretched skin. To learn more about a body lift after massive weight loss, contact our team at Vantage Plastic Surgery. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Shteynberg at our clinic in UES Manhattan or Brooklyn to discuss whether a body lift procedure is right for you.

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