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The journey to achieving the perfect balance of lift and volume for the breasts often involves more than a single cosmetic procedure. While breast augmentation can add volume, the lifting and tightening of breast tissue necessitate a breast lift, or mastopexy. This is where breast augpexy surgery steps in as the ideal solution for individuals seeking to add size while reshaping and lifting the breasts.  Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg, a distinguished double board-certified plastic surgeon, leads our expert team at Vantage Plastic Surgery, offering exceptional breast augpexy surgery at our state-of-the-art clinics in Brooklyn and UES, NYC.

For many women who have experienced pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, dissatisfaction with breast size and shape can be a common concern. The natural aging process, accompanied by genetic factors, can further contribute to skin stretching and sagging. In such cases, a breast lift, or mastopexy, emerges as the recommended solution. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin, tightening, lifting, and reshaping breast tissue. However, for those desiring both added volume and a lifting effect, breast augpexy surgery presents itself as the comprehensive choice.


Ideal Candidates for Augpexy Surgery

Good candidates for augpexy, or a breast lift with augmentation, typically exhibit the following characteristics:

Breasts that hang downward: Sagging breasts can be effectively addressed with the lifting component of the augpexy procedure.
Elongated or flattened breasts: Augpexy is designed to restore a fuller, more rounded shape to the breasts.
Nipples pointing downward: The lifting element of the procedure helps reposition the nipples to a more youthful orientation.
Lost breast volume with noticeable sagging: Augpexy combines volume enhancement with breast lift, offering a comprehensive solution for both concerns.

Genetics and aging alone can significantly impact breast size and shape. When compounded by factors like weight gain/loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, the difference in breast appearance from one’s younger years can be striking. Augpexy provides an opportunity to rejuvenate breasts, restoring firmness, perkiness, and volume. To achieve the desired effect with augpexy, the procedure combines a breast lift with breast augmentation.

Implant Augmentation vs. Natural Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg, renowned for his expertise, offers both implant augmentation and natural augmentation with fat transfer as part of the augpexy procedure. The choice between these options depends on your aesthetic goals and preferences:

Silicone or saline implants: Ideal for those desiring larger or fuller breasts, implants offer a customizable solution to achieve the desired volume.
Fat transfer augmentation: Optimal for individuals seeking a more natural look and feel, fat transfer augmentation uses the patient’s own fat to enhance breast volume.

During your private consultation with Dr. Shteynberg, he will thoroughly discuss your goals and help determine the most suitable approach for your augpexy surgery.

The Augpexy Procedure Explained

Your augpexy journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Shteynberg. During this meeting, he will:

  • Review your medical history.
  • Discuss your aesthetic goals and desires.
  • Conduct a thorough examination to assess your breast anatomy.

Based on your unique characteristics and goals, Dr. Shteynberg will recommend the most suitable approach for your augpexy surgery. This involves deciding on the type of breast augmentation and lift techniques. If implant augmentation is chosen, you will work together to select the type, size, and shape of implants that align with your aesthetic preferences. Dr. Shteynberg will provide guidance to ensure a balanced and natural outcome.

Natural Augmentation with Fat Transfer:

For those opting for a more natural look, fat transfer augmentation involves:

  • Harvesting excess fat from donor areas (typically abdomen, thighs, or flanks).
  • Purifying the fat.
  • Injecting the fat into the breasts to achieve the desired volume.

The Mastopexy Element

The breast lift component focuses on:

  • Removing excess skin.
  • Lifting and reshaping breast tissue.
  • Repositioning the nipples for a more youthful appearance.

Combining Procedures

The augpexy procedure seamlessly combines breast augmentation and lift techniques to create a harmonious and enhanced breast profile.

If you want to revitalize your breasts with a lift and volume enhancement, contact our team at Vantage Plastic Surgery today to book your appointment. We can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Shteynberg at one of our NYC clinics.

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