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Botox, facial fillers, and other cosmetic injections provide quick and non-invasive aesthetic benefits without any downtime needed. You can schedule a Botox or hyaluronic acid treatment in the middle of your day and return to work or other activities. However, there are some activities that you should avoid right after your injections to achieve the best results. Here are some tips to help you get the optimal outcome from your next cosmetic injection treatment.

1. Avoid Rubbing the Area

Neuromodulators like Botox and facial fillers are placed directly below the skin surface. Even though results can appear instantly with hyaluronic acid fillers, you do not want to disturb the process. If you rub or massage the treatment area, the fluid can be displaced. This can result in abnormal results if the neuromodulator spreads to other muscles or the filler moves into a different spot. Be careful of rubbing or touching the area for at least 12 hours.

2. Do Not Apply Makeup

Injections create a tiny wound in the skin. Although very small, you want it to heal before you apply makeup to the area. Bacteria can be introduced into the skin if the injection wound has not closed – wait at least half an hour before applying makeup.

3. No Alcohol

On the day of your cosmetic treatment, avoid drinking any alcohol before or after your procedure. Alcohol and other blood-thinning agents like aspirin can increase the chance of bruising.

4. Minimize Cardio Workouts

If you want to get in an intense workout, do so before your cosmetic injection appointment. Both Botox and fillers can be affected by strenuous cardiovascular workouts. It can spread Botox to other areas, and it can also increase the risk of bruising. Take the rest of the day off and resume your routine the next day.

5. Keep Head Elevated

Avoid lying down or doing exercises like yoga that invert your head for at least four hours after your cosmetic injection. Botox and other neuromodulators can diffuse and move if you lower your head. Fillers can be altered if you lie down and press the area while napping or relaxing.

6. Nothing Pressing on the Area

A good rule of thumb is not to have anything pressing on the treatment area for at least a day. This includes wearing glasses or goggles if you had filler or Botox injected around the eyes or nose. Do not use any facial tools that can interrupt the healing process.

7. Avoid Direct UV Ray Exposure

Going to the beach after your cosmetic injection is not a good idea. Sunshine and UV rays from tanning beds can impact healing and increase the risk of swelling or bruising.

Cosmetic injections are a phenomenal way to improve your appearance without needing to schedule recovery or downtime. But you should be careful not to disrupt the healing process. To learn more about the benefits of cosmetic injections, contact our team at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Call our Manhattan office to schedule your appointment.

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