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Do you feel like you have attempted everything to get a six pack, but no matter how hard you work out and diet, that stubborn fat does not disappear from your abs? This is because even strenuous exercise is no guarantee for getting rid of the persistent fat layers that sit between your abdominal muscles. Your body holds on to it for many reasons.

Why Does Your Body Hold Fat Around Your Abdomen?

Fat stored in the abdominal cavity (subcutaneous fat) serves important functions, including insulation of essential organs, regulating body temperature and defense against physical stress. Since it plays such a crucial role in the body, it is very resistant to your efforts.

Plenty of people’s honorable attempts to lose weight end in dismal failure. You are not alone. Naturally, you may feel disheartened if you have put in a ton of energy and time but have yet to achieve your goal of a washboard six-pack. Fortunately, Vantage Plastic Surgery has a solution to your woes: a cosmetic surgery procedure called abdominal etching.

What is Abdominal Etching, and How Does it Expose Your Six Pack?

Abdominal etching, also called liposculpture, is a surgical procedure that removes fat from the abdomen in a way that shapes and shows off the muscles. The result is a nearly instant six pack.

With abdominal etching, the fat around the outlines of the abdominal muscles is removed, and the skin is thinned so that the muscles underneath can be seen. The surgery is limited to healthy people who want to eliminate the last few centimeters of belly fat.

Who Can Have Abdominal Etching?

Patients who want to be considered should have a body mass index below 30, which is a healthy weight. This is essential because belly etching is not a weight loss method but rather a body contouring procedure.

For some people, combining abdominal etching with procedures like a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), which tightens loose skin, produces better abdominal sculpting than abdominal etching alone.

And, all prospective patients must either not smoke or be willing and able to give up the habit entirely before, during and after their procedure.

If the idea of getting abdominal etching excites you, do not hesitate to contact Vantage Plastic Surgery. We look forward to giving you the six pack of your dreams.

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