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When you put a lot of effort into controlling your weight, managing your diet and exercising as much as possible, it is frustrating if you do not achieve the results you set for yourself. One of the most common goals is chiseled abdominal muscles, also known as the “six pack” look. While it is important to take care of your overall wellness through diet and exercise, sometimes steps can be taken to achieve the full result you are seeking. Abdominal etching can be the key to the ultimate abs.

What Is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching is a type of body contouring that uses liposuction. Specialized cannulas are placed in small incisions to remove the fat along specific grid lines. Etching is a precise technique. Instead of removing all the fat from your entire abdomen, only select areas are targeted, leaving the appearance of chiseled abdominal muscles.

Why Is it so Hard to Achieve “Six-Pack” Abs?

The basic answer is those chiseled abdominal muscles are covered by a layer of fat that prevents the muscles from showing through. It is very possible you have well-defined abs beneath the small amount of fat still present, despite your diet and exercise.

The longer answer is our bodies are built to retain small amounts of fat in certain places for a variety of reasons. Much of this fat is not necessary, but very stubborn to remove. Even a thin layer of fat can compromise the look you seek.

To achieve the ultimate abs, you need to have an incredibly low percentage of body fat. Though the range varies slightly from person to person, the amount of body fat is far below what is necessary for good health and overall wellness. Additionally, achieving this body fat percentage requires a level of exercise and diet that is unrealistic for most people.

You Can Still Have the Ultimate Abs

You should be proud of your health-related goals and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. However, this does not remove the association between the refined abdominal muscles and a youthful, sexy appearance. With abdominal etching, you can have the look you want without the extreme diet and exercise regimen.

If you are dissatisfied with your current abdominal appearance, contact Vantage Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options for abdominal etching.

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