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Your lips are one of the most immediately noticeable facial features. When speaking, smiling or laughing, other people are likely to focus on your mouth. Shapely lips that are proportionate to the face are considered most desirable, and it could badly affect your confidence if you do not have the full lips you desire.

Being dissatisfied with your looks may disadvantage you socially, romantically and in your career. If you are afraid to draw attention to your mouth you may struggle to speak with assurance in front of others, resulting in unfair perceptions.

Why Do I have Thin Lips?

Lip size and shape are largely determined by genetics, so you may have always had thinner lips than you would prefer. However, a number of other factors cause the structure of your lips to change over time. Aging will naturally cause lips to thin out and flatten, and fine lines and wrinkles to appear around the mouth. A tan is considered beautiful, youthful and attractive, but overexposure to UV light reduces the collagen in the lips, reducing fullness and plumpness later in life.

Hiking and other outdoor pursuits are a great way to remain healthy and fit, but extreme weather like wind and rain can damage the delicate skin on the lips. Smoking is well known to be an unhealthy and dangerous habit, and will also impact your lip’s ability to retain collagen. Constantly puckering or pursing your lips when smoking also causes them to become thinner.

Get Full, Beautiful Lips with Vantage Plastic Surgery

If your lips are not giving the full, youthful impression you desire, speak to Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg at Vantage Plastic Surgery, New York. Lip lifts and augmentation require a skilled and delicate approach to achieve a natural look that is in tone with the contours of your face.

Dr. Shteynberg has many years of experience creating beautifully shaped and plumped lips, adding volume and removing wrinkles and fine lines. He will tailor his surgical approach to reflect your expectations and to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

Don’t take short cuts regarding your physical appearance, contact Vantage Plastic Surgery today.

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