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The breasts can change dramatically over the years. Your perky, firm breasts in your early twenties are bound to change with pregnancy, weight gain/loss and natural aging. Many women are disappointed in the appearance of their breasts as they get older – not only can they begin to sag, they also may be flatter and smaller in size. For those who want to address sagging and volume loss, breast augpexy surgery may be the solution.

What is Breast Augpexy

Breast augmentation procedures increase the size of the breasts with fat transfer or implants. Mastopexy is a lifting of the breast tissue to address sagging. Combine the two and you get breast augpexy, a lifting and augmentation of the breasts. This procedure is the ultimate breast rejuvenation for women in their thirties, forties and beyond that want to restore full, firmer breasts.

Breast augpexy surgery reshapes the breast tissue. Inconspicuous incisions are made to remove excess skin and elevate and reshape the breasts. Either fat transfer from another area of the body or breast implants are added to create the desired volume. The result is higher, firmer breasts with proper nipple projection or position.

Fat Transfer or Implants?

When undergoing a breast augpexy surgery at Vantage Plastic Surgery, you will have the choice of fat transfer (natural) or implant augmentation. Fat transfer has the advantage of removing fat through liposuction from another area – this is preferrable by those who want to lose a few pounds from their abdomen or other areas. Fat transfer creates a natural look and feel to the breasts. However, natural augmentation can only achieve about one cup increase in size.

For those who want to add more than one cup of breast size, silicone or saline breast implants are a better choice. There are many sizes and shapes that can be used to create your ideal breast fullness.

Breast augpexy surgery can give you back your youthful-appearing breasts – they may even look better than they did years ago. To schedule a cosmetic breast surgery consultation with Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg, call us at Vantage Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NY.

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