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Are your hands making you look older, giving away your age even after you rejuvenate your facial appearance? You are not alone; the situation is a typical affair. Many people put so much effort into making their face wrinkle-free and toning their body, but forget about their hands.

However, aging changes your hands as much as the rest of your body. In addition, injuries and health conditions can impact the cosmetic form of your hands. Fortunately, Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg of Vantage Plastic Surgery is a double board-certified plastic surgeon offering advanced options for hand rejuvenation. He also provides several hand reconstruction and repair surgeries to improve function. After all, hands are both an essential aesthetic feature and crucial for performing all types of activities.

Hands and Aging

Your hands start to lose fat as you age, causing the skin to lose volume and elasticity. As a result, your skin becomes translucent and wrinkled. In addition, exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can cause you to develop age spots (aka liver spots or solar lentigines).

You can fend off these aesthetical issues for as long as possible by keeping your hands moisturized, eating a healthful diet full of vitamins and shielding your hands from sunlight with sunscreen or gloves. But when these preventive measures do not work anymore, you can turn to plastic surgery.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Hand Treatments

At Vantage Plastic Surgery clinics in NYC, we perform non-surgical and surgical hand treatments. For example, we use skin tightening and resurfacing laser treatments to remove brown spots and reform the skin’s appearance, restoring youthful-looking hands. Furthermore, we use filler injections to add volume under the skin, smoothing veiny or bony hands.

Your hands should get as much attention as your face since they, too, are constantly in the spotlight. In fact, they are the second most visible sign of age after the face. A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons even proved it! The research found that people can accurately tell someone’s age by only looking at their hands.

So, consider including hand rejuvenation in conjunction with facial or body cosmetic treatments if your goal is to appear more youthful. Visit us at Vantage Plastic Surgery for more information about hand rejuvenation to conceal your age. Nobody in the world wants to look older than they feel! Book a consultation today to discuss treatment options with the expert in hand plastic surgery, Dr. Shteynberg.

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