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Having a baby is a miraculous experience, but it also puts your body under tremendous stress. Several cosmetic issues may result. One of the rare but significant consequences of having a baby is diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles (the rectus abdominis or the 6-pack muscle). These muscles can split apart for various reasons; pregnancy is the most common.

Diastasis Recti Repair Surgery Can Resolve Issues Linked to Split Abdominal Muscles

Your stomach will protrude forward if your ab muscles are separated, and there will be a gap down the center of your abdominal muscles. Frequently, it is only a cosmetic issue, but several studies reveal a connection between diastasis recti and incontinence, digestive problems, lower back pain and hernia. Therefore, you might need surgery if you have this condition.

Most cases of incontinence in postpartum women can be traced to weakened abdominal muscles and a compromised pelvic floor. Therefore, diastasis recti repair surgery can dramatically lessen incontinence by treating the cause of muscle weakness.

Lower Back Pain
The rectus abdominis is a critical component of your core muscles, which plays a significant role in maintaining your balance and correct posture. Unfortunately, rectus divarication weakens the rectus abdominis, placing additional strain on the back muscles and forcing them to contract excessively to compensate for the imbalance. This abnormal straining of the back muscles can lead to chronic lower back discomfort. Fortunately, the pain usually goes away after getting diastasis recti repair surgery.

When tissue or an internal organ bulges through the abdominal wall, the condition is known as a hernia. In cases where the hernia causes discomfort, it can hinder one’s ability to go about their regular, daily routine.

Diastasis Recti Repair Surgery Helps You Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

The most effective treatment for separated abdominal muscles is diastasis recti repair surgery. It can be performed independently, or as part of a “tummy tuck” operation (or abdominoplasty) that tightens and revitalizes the abdominal region. Most patients get it as part of a tummy tuck because they want to revert to their pre-pregnancy bodies and feel better overall.

Scheduling a Consultation for Diastasis Recti Repair Surgery in New York

Contact Vantage Plastic Surgery if you would like to learn more about the benefits of diastasis recti repair surgery. Please schedule a consultation so we can discuss your cosmetic goals, health issues and any relevant factors that may influence whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. We have many options and can tailor a treatment plan to address your needs precisely.

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