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Two features that can throw off the balance and harmony of the face are the nose and chin. It is a common aesthetic concern for all genders – a small or weak chin combined with a larger or misshapen nose. These features can distract from a beautiful mouth or gorgeous eyes. One of the best combinations of facial plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, addressing both issues at the same time.

The nose and chin impact the appearance of each other. A larger humped, hooked, or misshapen nose can make the chin appear smaller, and a recessed or small chin can make the nose look larger. Both have a significant effect on facial balance and symmetry – the mid-third of the face is too large and the bottom-third is too small. The facial profile is especially impacted by paired nose and chin concerns. Fixing one or the other can be helpful, but for many people with both issues, a dual procedure is ideal for the most natural and enhanced appearance.

Benefits of a Nose Job and Chin Augmentation Combination

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. However, the chin is often overlooked as a facial feature that impacts the facial balance, but it has an enormous impact. Many people who undergo rhinoplasty realize after their procedure that their face still seems unbalanced, often due to a weak chin. The smaller chin makes the nose stand out, even after it has been reshaped.

Combining the two procedures has many benefits. It resolves the facial balance issue by ensuring the chin and nose match the rest of the face. By adding a chin implant, the new nose shape can look more natural. The largest impact is on the facial profile of patients receiving both chin augmentation and rhinoplasty at the same time. While you may only see your face from the front in the mirror, your profile is seen by everyone. Balancing the nose and chin can completely change your appearance, especially what others see.

Another benefit of combining these procedures into one surgery is the reduction of recovery time. Instead of having two surgeries, you only need one. This minimizes the discomfort and time needed to recover.

Every rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure should be tailored to the patient. Rhinoplasty can remove humps, reshape the nasal tip, reduce nostril size, and fix other cosmetic issues. Chin augmentation with implants can create a more pronounced chin by placing silicone or other implant over the chin bone. Dr. Aleksandr Shteynberg takes the time to ensure every detail is perfected when combining these two procedures, achieving a natural, balanced appearance for each patient.

To learn more about chin implant and rhinoplasty combo procedures, contact our team at Vantage Plastic Surgery. Call our New York, NY clinic to schedule your consultation with Dr. Shteynberg.

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