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Personalized Mommy Makeovers NYC

“Mommy Makeover” is a term used for a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures to overcome the effects of childbearing and nursing. Mommy makeover is an individualized approach to addresses any or all of the following: loose skin of the abdomen, hips, buttocks (lower body lift) and breasts, reducing or getting rid of stretch marks on the abdomen (abdominoplasty) and breasts, repairing hernias, tightening abdominal wall muscles, breast augmentation and/or breast lift, liposuction and body contouring.

Woman with a thin, tight waist

Consult Dr. Shteynberg

At Vantage Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shteynberg has an ample experience of performing all of the included procedures. He will discuss with each patient the most appropriate procedure for the individual based on the unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

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