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Be Comfortable in Your Body (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is the surgical procedure which is not necessarily focused on increasing or decreasing overall cup size. It addresses physical effects of any one or the combination of the following: aging, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, nursing and/or genetic predisposition. There are many types of breast lift procedures which Dr. Shteynberg has an extensive expertise in. The breast lift technique that will achieve the most pleasing appearance is individually selected based on your health history prior to surgery and unique aesthetic goals.

The process involves moving the skin and breast tissue upward or removing excess tissue to counteract the effects of gravity and eliminate any sagging appearance. The skin is tightened to produce more youthful looking breasts. In order to make a virtually invisible mark or scar, the incision is made in the most inconspicuous place and is often hidden by a swimsuit or bra. This ensures that any scarring from a breast lift surgery is carefully controlled in order to reduce the visibility of the procedure.

Woman with lines indicating breast lift

What a Mastopexy Can Do for You

There are three main types of breast and nipple sagging that a mastopexy can address.

  • The first type involves direct downward shifting of both the breast and nipple, away from the collarbone.
  • The second type is sagging at the bottom of the breast only, while the nipple position doesn’t change.
  • The third type is a combination of both, where the breast and nipple both shift downward, especially the tissue at the bottom of the breast.

Vantage Plastic Surgery can also address the appearance of nipples by restoring them to the correct position as necessary. This might include repositioning them for a more centered, natural look or adjusting the size for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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